MoCA Asian Bistro is a family of highly acclaimed fine-dining restaurants serving New Yorkers Asian cuisine since 2006. In over 15 years of operations the company has grown organically from one to three locations in the New York City greater metro area by innovating and perfecting an extensive repertoire of popular dishes. The recipes are unique to MoCA, derived from and inspired by the traditions of Asia’s most popular culinary hotspots. Over the years, these dishes have evolved while consistently ensuring the success of each new fine-dining establishment under the MoCA brand.

The ambiance of MoCA Asian Bistro restaurants may be described as warm, elegant, romantic, and modern, generously and tastefully ornamented by artworks and aesthetic motifs from Asian cultures. Each location features a large sushi bar and full-service cocktail bar, as well as a number of private and semi-private VIP rooms, equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment and suitable for large, medium, and small banquets.

MoCA’s catering team is an integral extension of the MoCA kitchen, with equal attention to art and craft sensibilities, delivering modern, healthy dishes with artistic principles of color, fragrance, balance, and overall presentation, from a menu that ranges from very light and refreshing to rich and hearty, from beguilingly subtle to provocatively spicy.

MoCA’s catering team is supported by a central kitchen and R&D center, the “MoCA Center,” located on 26,000 square feet of property in Westbury, Long Island. The core mission of the center includes new product research and development, existing product optimization and data compilation, logistics support, warehousing, staff training, and of course direct catering up to the highest standards and requirements.

Celebrating a special occasion or hosting an important private event? With locations in NYC and Long Island, our VIP karaoke rooms are made for upscale entertainment and celebration. Our team is ready to make your occasion unique and unforgettable.